Frank’s greatest asset is his willingness to give service for the benefit of the greater good.  Inspiring others to express themselves is a lifelong mission and he derives the greatest joy from watching those who thought they couldn’t as they find that they could and did.

He feels the time is right to release his  body of work and holds promise that you will enjoy entering and engaging his path of creativity and presence.  Always in gratitude for the gifts I release into the light of day.

He is married and a father to four children.  His family has known tragedy losing a son in 2010 and consequently the power of community to heal and rise.


Frank Wildingway works across multiple disciplines.
He has appeared in numerous theatrical productions, poetry performances, improvisation, cabarets, and films. He has created clothing, ritual objects, built structures, garden whimsies and installations. He has written scripts, poetry, collage table books,  novels, essays, articles and greeting cards. He plays upright bass and enjoys soundscaping.  He has hosted talent shows.  He is a whole foods chef.  His current project is The Ark in Viroqua, WI.

 “I am grateful and awake and that is all.”


  • Indiana U. of Pennsylvania, Indiana PA, 1979
    BA English Lit. w/creative writing emphasis Major Author: Chaucer
  • San Francisco State University, San Fransisco CA, 1983-84
    Graduate level courses in Shakespeare and Linguistics


  • He is a longtime practitioner of Wu Wei and sitting meditation earning a black belt in 1988 from Sun Moo Won Korean Traditional Martial Arts in San Francisco, CA 1987.  Completes 24 hour meditation as part of testing process.
  • Frank has also apprenticed himself in the study of music, visual art including film, radio, voice, acting, sculpture, painting, drawing, collage, sewing and jewelry with various masters of these arts.


  • Current member/facilitator of Wild Peace Sangha, Viroqua, WI


  • Wui Wei School of Movement SF, CA associate instructor in Qi Gong, Self -defense and Taoist philosophy and Meditation techniques.


  • He spent seven years at Heartwood Healing Arts Institute in Northern California where he was certified in several energy medicine modalities — receives certification as an Energy Medicine Therapist encompassing studies in Polarity, Cranial Sacral, Reiki Level 1 & 2, American Medicinal Herbs, Bach Flower Remedies, Tantric Sexuality, Conflict Resolution (Arnie Mindel Institute, Ken Keyes and Findhorn), Movement therapies including Authentic, Ritual, Shamanic and Free Form Dance. Nutrition and Whole Foods Healing, Permaculture Design Courses 1, 2, and 3 levels.
  • Associate Editor of teachers work “Esoteric Anatomy” by Bruce Berger. 1992 Julian, PA Completes 3 day fast no food no water.


  • CURRENT: Founder and Board Member for The Ark, a living center for all the arts in the community of Viroqua, WI.
  • Frank is on or has been elected to 3 Boards of Directors: Taoist Community, SF, CA.
  • He is a lifetime member of Artists in Service to Relieve Universal  Suffering.


Frank has worked in a variety of diverse jobs:

  • Farm Laborer
  • Caddy
  • Garbageman
  • Staff Aide for Diane Feinstein Mayor of San Francisco
  • VISTA volunteer organizer in Kansas City, MO and Honolulu, HI
  • Refugee Resettler (Vietnam conflict) in Hawaii and San Francisco
  • Admin. Asst. for a Methadone Clinic in Sf, CA
  • Market Gardener/Homesteader/Energy Medicine Therapist for New Leaf Farm in Central PA and as a 7th generation whole Foods Chef/Kitchen Manager/Kitchen Designer in California, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
  • Heartwood Holistic Healing Arts Institute, Garberville, CA
  • Artists & Friends (The ARK) Viroqua, WI.


Age 22-present

  • Over 100 solo performances of poetry, improv, performance art, installations exploring themes of consciousness thru the use of creativity as a tool for personal and planetary healing.
  • Publishes 10 books of poetry ODRAB press, SF, CA
  • Symphonic Poem “Suite for Burning” published by Mad Monk Press, SF, CA
  • Interns for local access cable Channel 25 and for WQED TV in SF, CA. Works as 16mm film technician for West Coast Films in SF, CA.
  • Member of Red Flag Theatre Group in SF, CA
  • Forms performance art band BARDO. Extensive touring of West Coast including Canada. Tours Texas playing South by Southwest. Records 10 live and studio Albums/tapes. Performs on radio/TV and many venues in the Bay Area.
  • Emcee and performer at multiple coffee houses held at Heartwood Institute.
  • Founding member and director of CHICKEN SHACK THEATRE in State College,PA. Produces 20 original shows in collaboration with mask and puppet makers, visual artists, dancers, musicians and story tellers exploring themes of transformation and renewal by confronting and moving thru crisis.
  • Member of band Star Root records and releases 2 cds of experimental folk music on the RICHBIRD label. Plays in and near State College, PA.
  • Member of bands Circle Wave, The JFARS and currently OUTERFARIA all based in VIrqoua, WI. Multiple recordings. Plays regionally in Madison, LA Crosse, Winona and Virqoua. Provides soundtracks for local poets and other theatrical performances.
  • Major installations include Bending the CIRCLE an immersive interactive piece in the Lemont Arts Collective Gallery in Lemont, PA.
  • Winner of the PEOPLES CHOICE award at Penn State Green Design Contest for performance art and installation: Where are we going?
  • For 50th Birthday, rents a storefront and installs piece for a month long run that includes public ritual and interactive oracle. Main street, Viroqua, WI.
  • Appears on stage as member of Underground Players in numerous productions/cabarets/variety shows. Plays father in Mercedes Ruhl EURYDICE, a judge in Brechts Caucasian Chalk Circle and lead in Sartes NO EXIT.
  • Produces, directs and appears in original avant garde theatre piece THE BLACK BOX in collaboration with a poet, musician, dancers and actors.
  • Appears in 3 locally produced films including as the HUNTER in Red Riding Hood. Member of local improve troupes Raw Milk and Once upon an Improv.
  • Debuts 4 pieces of word jazz for WDRT program Sound Waves including Talking Faces, a 20 minute collaboration between musicians and poets.
  • Hired to create backdrops for Driftless Music Festival in years 1 and 4. Self publishes 10 new works of poetry/collage chap books.
  • Publishes 2 recipe books. New Leaf Farm Cook book and the Teleport Café recipe/cartoon/collage art book.
  • Publishes BOOK OF FACES, 108 line drawings and poetry illuminating and celebrating the human experience.
  • Completes 3 plays: Scratching Heads and Singing Carp, Golfing at the End of the World and WE 3 FOOLS, the latter of which will be debuted on the ARK stage in March of 2014 as a collaborative effort between poets, puppet makers, and dancers.
  • Publishes 3 volumes of COMPU-SPEAK a 20 year collaboration between 3 poets.
  • Presently installing a folk art masterpiece in the basement and bell tower of the ARK Titled: Navigating the Internal Landscape as a memorial tribute to son who died in car accident.
  • Numerous pieces of Franks visual, sculptural, musical instruments, textiles, jewelry, written and musical pieces are held in private collections thruout the U.S.
  • He has participated in many group and solo showings on the local art scene. He has created 2 scale models for mini-golf.
  • His buildings include a 30 foot wooden yurt in northern California, 2 cabins, 3 saunas and council circle/fire pit gazebo.
  • He is presently finishing his 2nd novel titled Revelations at 4:20 to be self- published in 2014.
  • He has designed and created 4 oracles: an etched bone totemic oracle, a runic oracle etched on crystal and stone, a poetic/collage interpretation of the I ching and the dream ORACLE as part of Navigating the Internal Landscape.

Age 13-22

  • Involved in school plays, writes poetry, short stories, works on High School Yearbook Staff and completes 1st Novel (A bar of chocolate) for College Senior Creative Writing project.

Age 11-14

  • Writes first Novella “Stranded” for eighth grade

Age 7-14

  • Church Choir project


  • In 2005, Frank’s oldest daughter Freya was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. In the subsequent 7 years he became the primary caregiver for his daughter spending many hours in multiple hospitals navigating and nurturing his daughter back to health. In 2010, Frank’s oldest son, Arrow was killed in a car accident, the night of senior prom and eve of mother’s day. Having a child with a long term illness and losing a child to a sudden twist of fate has humbled Frank and renewed his call to serve others. He gives thanks to his deep relationship to creativity, strong family and loving community for healing and transcending personal pain. His daughter continues to recover and time is healing the loss of son.